The Mind Body Program for fertility

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The Mind Body Program for Fertility

Enhance your chance of conceiving 

Research on the 10 week group Mind Body Program for Fertility in the US has shown a more than doubling of live birth rates for women trying to conceive naturally or going though IVF as well as decreasing their feelings of anxiety and depression.

Are you trying to conceive ?

               Dr Alice Domar - PHD - Assoc. Prof Harvard.

               Dr Alice Domar - PHD - Assoc. Prof Harvard.

Is your relationship starting to suffer ?  Are you having trouble sleeping?  Avoiding social events, feeling lonely and  thinking that you will never conceive? Spending hours searching google for answers?

Infertility can take a huge emotional toll and can be a highly stressful experience for couples. 

If you are trying to conceive naturally, stress can also negatively affect the health of a woman's reproductive function.

The program has been running successfully for over 20 years in the US and is now available in Australia.

Our Mind Body Program for Fertility teaches YOU the tools you need to take control of your journey and puts YOU and your partner in the driver seat of being in control of your wellbeing and ultimately your fertility. 


Considering IVF?

If you are considering or undergoing IVF, research from around the world has shown that stress is a major, if not the biggest contributor, to the reason why patients drop out of treatment. 

Research has also shown your levels of stress before undergoing a cycle may affect the success of your treatment. 

Our program gives you the tools to address your levels of stress along with teaching you and your partner evidence based interventions to improve your wellbeing and in turn increase your chances of having a baby.

Want to know the benefits of the program from women who have completed it?

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Benefits of The Mind Body Program for Fertility

  • An increase in pregnancy rates - 52% for those who participated in the 10 week program compared to 20% for controls in a large federally-funded US study
  • A decrease in levels of anxiety and depression and a greater sense of control
  • A natural fertility option for women before, after or during IVF treatment

The Mind Body Program for Fertility

Is a 10 week program designed to help women and their partners (partners attend 3 of the 10 sessions) facing the challenges and emotional side effects of infertility and to help them achieve their dream of becoming a family.

Now also available in a 2 day weekend workshop format. 

The program focuses on cognitive behaviour therapy, relaxation training, negative health behaviour modification and social support. 

 The team at Positive Mind Body Australia is extremely excited to offer the program nationally to women experiencing infertility.

We offer women a natural, affordable fertility program in Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, and Sydney.


Let us help you take control of your fertility journey!