privacy policy

At Positive Mind Body Australia P/L we acknowledge that in order to support you we need a relationship of trust.  Our Privacy Policy ensures that you can feel secure knowing that your private information will remain confidential and secure.

We acknowledge that we will not share any identifying information with any third party.  Personal information such as email addresses, phone numbers, IP addresses or any other personal information is never sold, traded or given away.

All information collected is done so with full disclosure of its purpose and intent.  We may need to collect information to provide you with further services or to answer your enquiry.

Our workshop facilitators are trained mental health professionals who understand the limits and ethics of confidential personal health information.  They are required to maintain the highest ethical standards in their treatment of private personal information.

We do not collect medical records and so we do not need to store your personal health information. 

We disclose that non-identifying information may be collected and collated for future research purposes to help build a greater understanding of fertility issues within the Australia community.  This information would then be used to inform and improve treatment options to couples experiencing infertility within Australia.  We reserve the right to use non-identifying information to guide our marketing strategy.

If you have questions about your privacy and use of the Positive Mind Body website or services/programs offered by Positive Mind Body Australia P/L please contact our Directors at