Having the right mindset to take on the fertility journey

I have always considered myself an open-book, what you see is what you get. There was no such thing as an over-share where I was concerned. Once my husband and I began fertility treatment, this quickly changed. I continued to be outspoken and confident, however I now became incredibly protective of our privacy and personal space.

So there I was; a strong, confident person who was VERY choosy with whom I shared personal information. I had learned the hard way not to share my fertility dramas with the wrong people (people who were unable to react in a way that was helpful rather than heartbreaking). So when I heard about Mind Body Program for Fertility, I dismissed it as just another way people who don’t understand me trying to make me “feel better”.

A few months later I finally broke down. Between sobs, I admitted to my husband I wasn’t well… in the head. Pardon this very ignorant use of words, but this was something completely foreign to me. I had always looked on the positive, always been motivated and always a very keen socialite. I didn’t know how to put it into words except that I knew I wasn’t me. I was lethargic, negative, unhappy, and emotionally out of control.  He gently (because he’s amazing and wonderful) suggested I get in touch with the Mind Body people and check out what it’s all about.

Straight away I was impressed by how the program was able to be catered to my specific needs, and better still my specific personality. I’m not a big dweller, so I know at times it was difficult to get anything too deep out of me during “share your feelings time”. However my program facilitator Therese was just so skilled and patient in helping me get to the root of my feelings, and better still, was able to provide practical options to try to overcome these.

I went from someone who was a little negative toward the whole Mind Body Program for Fertility concept to the person crying after the last session because I just knew how far it helped me come.

I’m not pregnant. But that’s ok. I have the strategies; strength and the right mindset to take on the world’s challenges, in whatever forms these come. Thank you Mind Body Program for Fertility.