Partner support is so important when facing infertility

Going through the challenges of infertility is a difficult ask, even more so if you are doing it alone.  The support of a loving partner makes this journey that bit easier to bear.

Last week we brought you the news of Chrissy Teigen’s disclosure on national television in the US about her struggle with infertility.  Husband, singer John Legend has this week come out in support of his wife Chrissy, talking about these personal issues on TV.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight Chrissy spoke about how they were completely honest about this issue with their friends and so it was totally fine to tell the viewing public.

See the full report here.

At Positive Mind Body Australia we encourage partners to be fully supportive of each other.  Our program invites partners to attend the first session so that they can see whom their partners will be talking to and sharing with throughout the 10-week program.

We have a fabulous half-day program for Session 7, where couples get to join in couples yoga, which is a wonderful time together and loads of fun.   We also look at communication and sharing our personal journey.

In Session 9, partners are invited back to attend their own session with a counsellor, so they can talk about their own issues around infertility.  This partner session is focused on male partners but we can always accommodate female partners if needed.

Infertility may be a female factor or a male factor, but when undergoing IVF it is the woman who becomes patient and the focus of the treatment.  Cycles, medications, procedures are often invasive, intense and create high emotions.  Having an understanding partner makes all that so much more worthwhile.