Congratulations to Kim Kardashian and Kanye West on the arrival of their second child following IVF.

Image Source:  Wikimedia Commons

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

There have been many reports, some not so favourable, about this second pregnancy for celebrity Kim Kardashian.

Kim has been extremely public about her struggles to conceive her second child and she reportedly commented that why shouldn’t others know about their difficulty in conceiving. This openness and honesty is welcome in a day where many celebrities fall prey to having to present themselves as the perfect person with the perfect life and consequently can fall pregnant whenever they want whether they are 32 or 52 years old.  However we know that this is not always the case.  Here we have, yes a celebrity who does enjoy and promote her high profile status, but never the less, she is a celebrity also using that status to increase the understanding that having babies is not always easy.

The other thing that sharing this difficult journey with Kim Kardashian has shown us, is that even celebrities get anxious, agitated and stressed when faced with big issues such as fertility and pregnancy.

During her pregnancy, Kim was accused of being pretentious and ungrateful because she commented on her fears about putting on too much weight.  She was charged with being ungrateful and too body conscious, after all, wasn’t she happy just to be pregnant?  However these comments allow us an insight into how the mind can become stressed, distressed and sometimes fixated when we are anxious.  We don’t always say the ‘right’ things, but usually, for most people anyway, these thoughts don’t gain too much public attention.

Kim Kardashian, for all her faults, has invited us into her most intimate thoughts.  She has shown us that the journey to parenthood is expensive (estimated costs for the new Kardashian baby was rumoured to be $230,000US) and exhausting.  She has shown us that our anxieties, no matter who we are, can get the better of us, and mostly, she has shown us that it is ok to be human, to have difficulties and to share those difficulties.

We hope that this new addition to the West/Kardashian family will bring joy and challenges like all new additions do!