Being Active in the Right Ways

It’s really hard to work out the plan of attack when you’re struggling with infertility. There is so much information available at our fingertips, but without a medical degree, it’s next to impossible to pick the facts from the rubbish. TTC forums are sometimes helpful, but in my experience, it often seems like the blind leading the blind: posts contradict one another, and it’s unclear where women are getting their advice from.

When you’re stressed and down, it’s even harder than usual to make sense of this plethora of erroneous information and contradictory advice. Oftentimes, I can’t help but feel completely overwhelmed and confused to the point that it’s just easier to ignore all of it and bury my head in the sand. 

Over the last few weeks, my Mind Body Program facilitator has pointed me towards some good research articles, which offer evidence-based advice for infertility patients – including some specifically related to PCOS. The articles have been great, and it’s been really good to have some assistance in sorting out the insane amount of information that’s available to those who are TTC.

So, armed with some new information, I’ve made a few extra changes this week.

I’ve been trying to be a bit more active in the right ways … I realise that sounds a bit silly, but with the angst and confusion around our infertility, I have lately been resorting to quite vigorous exercise to try and ease my anxiety. After a good run, I usually feel so drained that I can momentarily forget the sadness. However, over the past few weeks I’ve become more aware of the potential links between overly vigorous exercise and infertility. The Mind Body Program has brought these things to my attention and helped to point me towards some simple things I can do to better my chances at conceiving.

For instance, for the first time in a very long time I bought some scales and weighed myself. It turns out I am currently underweight, which is also potentially problematic for trying to conceive. Indeed, being over or underweight can wreak a similar level of havoc on a woman’s body and throw normal bodily functions out of whack. It’s not that I’ve consciously been trying to lose weight, but the level of cardio exercise I’ve been doing to deal with my anxiety, alongside the fact that I’ve been trying to stick to a PCOS-friendly diet (i.e. no dairy, no sugar etc.) has meant that I’ve inadvertently put my body under stress.

So, rather than putting my running shoes on this week, I’ve instead taken quiet, mindful walks. I’ve also enjoyed jumping back in the water and having a calm and gentle swim. With Spring well and truly upon us now, and Summer weather slowly creeping back, visits to the pool have been wonderful. There’s something about being in the water that just completely relaxes me. I’ve also tried to up my intake of good fats so that I can put on some more weight in a healthy way.

These changes have been good so far; over the coming weeks, I’ll continue to pay a bit more attention to my weight and diet so I can make sure I’m in a good, healthy state of being.

This has been part of the benefit of the Mind Body Program for me so far – to feel like I’ve got someone else in my corner: someone who knows about the journey I’m on, and who’s read the research and can point me in the right direction… someone who can help me to sort the truth from the nonsense! Knowledge is certainly power.