The Helping Mind

Did you know that modern science has shown that the mind has the ability to heal?


Thanks to new technology we know so much more about how the mind works and its role in our health and wellbeing.

In traditional cultures there was no separation of mind and body, however modern medicine held the belief that only what we could see and measure was real or of importance.  Now that we can measure neural pathways we are coming around to a greater understanding of the mind body connection, and how the body responds to what the mind tells it to do.

According to Dr. Domar, women with infertility are twice as likely to experience depression and anxiety, compared to those who are fertile. 

When we are with others we often try to appear confident, happy and calm, not wanting others to know that on the inside we might be feeling upset, sad, and worried about not being able to get pregnant.

Mental health complications are more likely to occur when emotions on the inside are out of step with emotions on the outside.   The Mind Body Program for Fertility supports women experiencing these situations and can help them to be more optimistic about life regardless of if they become pregnant or not.

Participating in a group and sharing with others who identify with a similar journey and experiences, creates a feeling of connectedness often reducing the isolation, grief and anger can halve the anguish that is infertility.