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'The Impact Stress has on Fertility'   (And how to  Manage it) 

So just how much does stress impact your likelihood of falling pregnant, and how can you effectively manage it? Read more


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The Connection

IVF Australia and The Connection Q&A

The Q&A discussion after the screening of the feature documentary 'The Connection', to launch the first Australian Mind Body Program for Fertility.


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"Can reducing stress help you get pregnant?"

'The new program helping women with infertility'

Dr Ali Domar speaking about the new Mind Body Program for Fertility in Australia on Kinderling.
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'Coping With Infertility'

Dr Ali Domar exlpains the mind/body guide to enhancing fertility and coping with infertility with an excerpt from her book 'Conquering Infertility'. Read more

"Yes, it can"

Listen to Andrea and Peter's success with the program by clicking here

Courtesy of Today Tonight

Courtesy of Today Tonight

A mind-body program, developed by Harvard psychologist Dr Alice Domar, has been found to more than double pregnancy rates for women trying to conceive naturally or through IVF.

'Positive frame of mind 'plays role in conception'

Prof. Michael Chapman of IVF Australia recommends the Mind Body Program for Fertility to his patients.
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'Fertility Program Helps Stressed'

Adelaide-based pyschologist will run the program developed by fertility specialist Ali Domar, an Associate Professor at Harvard University in the US. Read more