New! Mind Body Program for Fertility now available in Australia!

Exciting news in the field of infertility, with the well-researched and highly successful Mind Body Program for Fertility now available here in Australia.  

Positive Mind Body Australia P/L, a new organisation with a focus on mind body medicine and wellbeing, has gained exclusive rights in Australia, to facilitate Dr Alice Domar’s widely recognised Mind Body Program for Fertility.

This program offers a 10 session, group program to women at any stage of their fertility journey.  It provides a setting where women are introduced to natural, complementary approaches, alongside cognitive behavioural therapeutic strategies, to provide a holistic approach to infertility.

The Mind Body Program for Fertility looks at the bio/psycho/social impacts of infertility and includes three sessions with partners.  Research has indicated that psychosocial impacts on women can greatly impact on their fertility, the effectiveness of fertility treatments and also their ability to remain in treatment.  The Mind Body Program for Fertility supports women to address lifestyle factors including nutrition, yoga and exercise, how to handle relationship issues and improve communication with partners.  It includes mindfulness training to elicit the relaxation response to address elevated emotional levels of anxiety, depression, stress, fear and anger, as well as skills training in cognitive restructuring, coping, self-care and stress management.

A GP referral is not necessary for registration, however participants are carefully screened before they begin the program to ensure the program is the right ‘fit’ for their situation.  Throughout the program each participant is required to complete progress notes on their skill development and practice.  Facilitators provide individual weekly feedback enhancing support and appropriate guidance.  Participants receive a program manual with lifestyle information, and to encourage ongoing self-care and practice of their newly formed skills.

Facilitators of the Mind Body Program for Fertility were selected due to their training in mental health and wellbeing, their experience with group program facilitation, and their interest in psychological wellbeing.   Facilitators of the program, were personally trained by Dr Domar, who visited Australia in March 2015 to launch Positive Mind Body Australia’s introduction of the program.

The Mind Body Program for Fertility is available in Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, and Sydney.  Accessing the program is via registration on the Positive Mind Body Australia website or by calling 1300 889 591.

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Contact with the Directors of Positive Mind Body Australia is welcome through email: