the Mind body program for fertility

is a 10 week group program

In this highly effective 10-week intensive program, our trained facilitators will guide you through a healing, gentle, yet profound journey.

You will learn the secrets and science of mindfulness and cognitive behavioural therapy, and how they impact on changing the body to enhance your chances of trying to conceive. You will join other women who are sharing a similar journey, and with the help of our dedicated mental health professionals you will also learn communication techniques to help you and your partner connect on a physical, mental and emotional level.

We have a yoga session, meditation training, up to date research on nutrition and exercise as it relates to increasing your fertility, and a lot more.            Our facilitators will also keep connected with you weekly in between sessions to support you as continue to practice your newly developed skills.

Listen to Peter and Andrea talk how the program helped them achieve their long wanted pregnancy.......